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Gen 1 Shibbys SOLD OUT!


Who are the Shiba Society?

We are free thinkers of the new world. We approach this world together with a calm dignity that is uniquely our own, strong-willed and confident.

You cannot keep us on a leash. Our strength comes from our community, loyal, protective, and highly intelligent. Some call us the Doge killer but it is only due to our competitive nature, known for our bold and fiery personalities. Competition is what breeds continual improvement.

We are the Shiba Society and it’s time for our calling. Release the Shiba Society, Shiba owwwwww!!

Phase 1 is complete!

Only 2000 Generation 1 Shibbys were released at a mint price of 0.035 ETH each. Randomly generated with over 240 attributes. No two Shibbys are the same. They can now only be purchased on the secondary market on Opensea.

25% - Social Media Ramp-up

We ramp up our social media presence. Hiring of community mods, a PR rep, and marketing team.

50% - Devs Mint to Allocate for Giveaways

The development team will mint approximately 5% of total supply to use for giveaways and collaborations.

75% - Development of Gen 2 Shibbys

Work commences on the development of Generation 2 Shibbys.

100% - $10,000 Community Grant

Applications open for 2x $5000 community grants to support two lucky winners in them in their very own own project. The development team will shortlist the best three applicants and the two winners will be voted upon by our community.

Generation 2 Shibbys

Anime inspired shibbys ready for action. Get your ETH ready, we’re about to send it! Launching soon.

0% - Shibbys Allocated for Giveaways

The development team will mint the first 100 Shibbys to use for giveaways and collaborations.

50% - Manga/Comic Series

An anime-inspired Shibby must be accompanied by its very own manga series. We will scout for the right project team who can deliver the community an action-packed and fun manga series. It would be rude not to. 

100% - Breeding, Utility, and Profit Share

Work commences on the framework for the breeding of Gen 1 and Gen 2 Shibbys. 

The new community will vote towards the development of a core utility for the Shiba Society. 

20% of all earnings from the sale of Gen 2 Shibbys will be equally distributed to Gen 1 Shibbys. Holders will be